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Jumping Basic Training


Here's a chance for you to join the world's pioneer and biggest trampoline exercise program and be the first to start an exciting, new program in your community! Our program is carefully structured scientifically to provide the best experience to you and your customers! Be a pioneer, be ahead! 

Registration for the next training course on 11 - 12 July 2024 is now OPEN!

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2 Full-day training course by JUMPING FITNESS MASTER TRAINER Nailton Heringer Jr. (Nale) from Czech Republic

DATE: 11/07/2024 -12/07/2024 (Thu-Fri)  

(2-full day course)


FEE: 410 Euros (approx RM2000)

TRAINING VENUE : Jumping Fitness Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur (Tap for location direction)

(includes an exclusive Jumping trainer's tanktop/tshirt and an instructor's Jumping booklet)

DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE : Partipants are evaluated throughout the training. 

We do not award the graduates with the Jumping Basic Diploma certificate for mere participation




*Terms and Condition applies. Full Terms and Conditions here

**This training will be conducted physically in-person by the Master Trainer. Participants are required to attend the course in-person at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. 

For more info on the Basic training course, click here.

(Registration closes on 10 June 2024!)

For any inquiries, call us at 012-6991512 or send us a Whatsapp

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Check out the Jumping Fitness International Founder and Master Trainers profile here

Also do check the official Jumping Fitness Facebook and Instagram page



1. Recognized worldwide as the official certification course to develop your Jumping skills and become a qualified Jumping fitness instructor


2. Instructor training course consist of Basic and Advance level


3. Basic course is a 2-day, 16-hour training on basic steps and teaching techniques. At the end of the training, there will be a test and upon passing, Jumping Instructor's diploma certificate will be granted


4. For Advance course, this program has been compiled based on long-term experience not only with Jumping® but also based on the experience with the world of fitness. The advanced training is led by two Master trainers, which ensures high quality and a professional level. It consists of two days of training, which is divided into 4 parts. The first part of the training is dedicated to the tuition of new exercises and combinations. The next part is dedicated to the analysis of the body using the “InBody” that precisely determine the composition of your body. The Master Trainers then explain the basics of food and food-rated myths. Active participation of the instructors follows, where they are tested concerning the newly obtained knowledge and skills. The fourth part is dedicated to an advanced music breakdown

In the case of successful fulfilment of all the aforementioned parts, the participant obtains the Jumping® Advanced Diploma of a specific level, namely: gold, silver, or bronze.

The following certificates are available to previously trained instructors:

  • FUSION is focused on various types of workout, in particular on interval training. You will use also Jumping® Expanders and Sliders and learn how to create workout choreography, using suitable exercises and their combinations, and how to take advantage of the acquired knowledge immediately after the training course.

  • Another option is EXTENSION. This training course consists of 3 main parts. During the first part you will acquire some basic knowledge of how to work with children or teenagers on a trampoline. The second part of the training course is focused on the CORE SYSTEM. This slow exercise on an instable trampoline mat helps improve your bodily posture. The last, third part is dedicated to what is called the Jumping DRUM.  This is a very energetic exercise during which you drum on an elevated trampoline with light sticks and you exercise to music at the same. This is a very amusing form of exercise - you’ll have a lot of fun while working out the whole body.

  • Or try the ADVANCED training course which directly follows up on the BASIC training course. Our goal is to improve your workout techniques and skills in leading a Jumping lesson.


1) You will perfect your Jumping techniques

You will be trained by elite Master Trainers accredited with the Jumping World Team at Czech Republic. You will undergo a rigorous training program during which you will be instructed and honed to be the best.

2) You will be able to meet people and Jumping Instructors from all over the world!

Firstly our international HQ is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Every year there will be opportunities to meet our international Founders, elite Master Trainers and other passionate Jumping Instructors through events such as Jumping Big Party, Jumping Meeting and exhibitions. Also, we have forged a close sisterly relationship with our neighbour Jumping Singapore and also not too far Asian counterpart, Jumping Korea.

3) You will have an additional source of income

You can become a freelance Jumping Fitness instructor at Jumping Malaysia or any approved Jumping center. If you own a fitness studio, you can collaborate with Jumping Malaysia to conduct Jumping classes at your business premise or you can start your own Jumping studio to build a lucrative business, helping many to attain better health and fitness levels at the same time.

4) You will enjoy the benefits of Jumping World Team 

Upon passing the course, you will be awarded the Jumping Basic Diploma. This is not just a prestigious addition to your CV, but is an open door into the very exciting world of Jumping Fitness. You are eligible to be part of the Jumping World Team, qualifying you to conduct Jumping Fitness classes in centres located in over 50 countries in the world. You will also be eligible for Jumping Party, Jumping Meeting, and Jumping Advance Training. All these are designed to equip and prepare you for a very successful professional fitness career.

5) You will enjoy support in continual training to upgrade your teaching and jumping skills

Jumping Malaysia has a comprehensive in-house training program for instructors certified in Malaysia. This is to ensure effectiveness in your classroom presentation and instruction. We organize regular training sessions where existing instructors can learn from each other and from our pioneer instructors who have experienced measurable success in their careers. These training sessions are occasions for sharing and celebrating when you can learn and jump with the best.

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