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Why should you choose Jumping? At Jumping Fitness Malaysia, we believe in only the highest standard in providing Jumping fitness as your all-round workout and fitness solution. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced fitness buff, you will definitely find Jumping fitness unique, dynamic and fun at the same time

1. Jumping Aerobic

Enjoy dynamic cardiovascular exercise by sweating it out on a patented Jumping trampoline. Continuously maintaining a higher heart rate while Jumping will help you increase metabolism and burn that extra calories. Comparing to exercises on hard surfaces, Jumping on trampoline absorbs impact on the knee, ankle, pelvis and back. It is suitable even for those who are overweight or have weak joints. For many who have difficulty exercising due to various reasons, Jumping is the ideal workout

2. Jumping Strength

Strength training in normal gyms can be dull and non-effective. Jumping fitness programs provide strength training together with motivating music to give you the extra push. Using the bouncing elasticity of trampoline, Jumping fitness encourages more leg muscle to work and thus strengthens your lower body effectively. Lifting the legs and knees high and keeping the head and torso low rips the core ab muscles. Combined with upper body strength exercise, its killing two birds with one stone!

3. Jumping Balance

Jumping on trampoline can enhance agility and at the same time help improve sense of balance and motor coordination. Thus, you will have a steadier and better body posture

4. Jumping Kids

Jumping is ideal for growing kids. Jumping on hard surfaces can negatively affect the growth of children. Jumping repetitively on elastic bouncy surface stimulates the lymphatic system by increasing growth hormones in the growth plates. Therefore, it will help the bones and muscle to grow healthier and stronger!

5. Jumping Party

Enjoy music? Combining party lights with music is the best form of motivation. From modern-day hits, "Saturday Night Fever" rock-n-roll, funky Euro remixes to Psy's Gangnam Style blaring, you will only feel your muscles and abs are worked out when its over!

6. Jumping Diet

Jumping on trampoline practically utilizes your whole body's muscles, working them up. It is 3 times more effective than jogging, burning up to 500 calories for every 30 minutes of workout. It is the ideal workout for you to lose weight

7. Jumping Therapy

In UK & Australia, a program called 'Rebound Therapy' has already been widely recognized and used as a methodology for physical therapy. Using trampolines as a form of exercise therapy, it has been proven to facilitate movement, improve coordination, promote balance and sensory integration and improve fitness and exercise tolerance for people with additional needs. Emotionally, it also aids in confidence-building, communication and social skills and gives a feeling of well being

8. Stress Relief Exercise

Having a bad day at work or at school? Jumping will evoke childhood memories of 10-foot-high flips and twisting. Bounce lightly with Jumping fitness and release those stress!

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Our immune system is our first line of defense against everything from viral infections to degenerative diseases like cancers. Therefore, it is impossible to be optimally healthy if our immune system is compromised.  With the world's focus on the Covid19…


Chiropractor, Dr Tim Errington shares the top 10 benefits of jumping and how it improves posture and promotes health and well being.

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'Those who don't Jump will never fly'

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