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Whether you are already having your own fitness centre or just starting out, we are open to everyone


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1. Fitness centre has enough space for Jumping trampolines


2. Fitness centre is located at residential, commercial or near colleges/learning institutions


3. Investment Capital

- Jumping Standard trampoline is priced at MYR 1900/piece.(GST inclusive). For other types of trampolines, ask us!

- Yearly membership fees as part of Jumping Fitness Malaysia's network

*Price may change with or without prior notice 

- No monthly royalty or franchise fee

- Interior renovation and design cost is on the licensee or centre owner. Licensee/centre owner is given freedom to design/create/renovate his/her own centre 



1. Consultation through phone and face-to-face meeting


2. Analysis of profit, competitor, potential customer demand and site location


3. Pre-opening 

- Premise tenancy agreement

- Jumping Centre License Agreement

- Hiring & Training of instructors

- Interior Renovation

- Online & Offline marketing

- Jumping Fitness Malaysia Membership & Services Agreement



1. Existing fitness or wellness centres(Dance, Zumba, Yoga, Gym, Pilates, wellness centre and other types of fitness/health-related centres) can fully convert into or combine with Jumping


2. Existing fitness/wellness centers must attach or exhibit the 'Jumping Malaysia Official Centre' sign which will be provided


3. Only instructors who have been certified as Jumping instructor through the Jumping Instructor Training Course are allowed to run Jumping class for customers


4. Each center must be registered as a member of Jumping Fitness Malaysia to be able to conduct Jumping classes. Registration is formally done through Jumping Centre License Agreement & Services Agreement


5. Studio/Centre partners of Jumping Fitness Malaysia are given online access to class and video choreography materials. Training workshops are also provided for instructors. For these services, a membership fee(per studio) of MYR 180/month or 2000/year is required.


1. Jumping STANDARD trampoline is *MYR 1900/piece, Jumping FLEXI trampoline MYR 1980/piece inclusive of SST/GST, excluding international shipping & port charges.


2. For personal home-users, Jumping EXCELLENT trampoline is *MYR 1812 - 2012/piece inclusive of tax, excluding delivery charges. Jumping EXCELLENT is a foldable-type trampoline which is easier to transport compared to STANDARD or FLEXI type.

*All prices are subject to changes with or without notice according to changes in foreign exchange rates and delivery charges.


** Kindly click Online Store to purchase trampolines or to sign up for Jumping Basic Training for instructor certification

Jumping License: FAQ
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