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“Unique, quality, safe”

Jumping® PROFI is perfectly characterised by three words: unique, quality and safe. This type of trampoline has been created to satisfy all safety requirements, and it has absolutely satisfied the needs of Jumping®, and will hook you too.

The trampoline consists of high-quality materials and it has a hexagonal and tubular steel frame which support handles for safe jumping and greater dynamics for jumping. The special suspension system is ensured by rubber ropes with polypropylene braiding, which helps prevent wear and tear. The frame of the trampoline is supported by six steel legs. The Jumping® PROFI trampoline is practical when carried, and its total weight is only 13 kg. The trampoline has a bearing capacity of up to 120 kg.

The high quality of the trampoline is also shown by the acquired certificate of quality and safety from TÜV SÚD. This is a certificate issued by TÜV, which is a world-renowned company providing independent verification and certification. Jumping on a Jumping® PROFI trampoline, which is a protected utility design, does not pose a health risk and has a positive effect on joints and the spine.

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