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(Pre-Order) Jumping® Trampoline Standard

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Jumping STANDARD Trampoline for gym/fitness center or home use.

Be part of the Jumping Fitness family, enjoy the original Jumping PROFI trampoline which will blow you away with its quality and stability. For gym-business owners, attract more customers and increase your fitness centre's revenue with this new fun, dynamic cardio-based full body mini-trampoline group workout program.


Product Info

“For comfortable and safe jumping”

This trampoline is manufactured from top-quality materials. The 2-mm-thick round steel frame ensures long lasting durability. The trampoline has a bearing capacity of up to 120 kg, while weighing only 13 kg.

The design also includes 6 solid legs, with special rubber attachments at their ends. These extensions, which protect against destruction of all types of surfaces and do not leave streaks behind, will enable your floors to remain in pristine condition. The trampoline legs are 28.5 cm tall.


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Shipping Info

Delivery takes about 1-2 weeks(in stock delivery) or 6-8 weeks (out of stock or pre-order delivery).


Quality Certificate

The TÜV certification testifies to the high quality of the trampolines. These three letters are synonymous with safety and the certainty of reliability and impartiality. TÜV SÜD is a well-known independent worldwide verification and certification association.


Technical Data & Description

The basic load-bearing structure of the Jumping PROFI trampolines consists of a unique hexagonal tubular steel skeleton, elastic rubber ropes anchoring the fixed stringing, six bearing legs and single-axis supporting handlebars. Diagonally, the trampoline measures 135 centimeters, and thanks to the new system of springing the overall weight is only 13 kilograms.


Tubular Frame

As the basic weight-bearing mechanism, the frame is the most important part of the trampoline. It absorbs considerable energy and directly affects the quality of springing movements during the exercising. The frame employs a proprietary shape which has been designed to suit its unique function and boasts a level of steel quality that meets our uncompromising demands and strict manufacturing regulations.


Trampoline Legs

Rich butt welds connect the legs to the basic load-bearing bearing construction. Thus, together with the hexagonal trampoline, they constitute one unit. The rubber skid-proof tips on the bottom of the legs guarantee stable contact with the ground and ensure that the movement of the trampoline does not leave any dirt or marks on the floor



Trampoline Strings

Is formed by a special polypropylene fabric, which excels in its resistance against UV radiation. The jumping area is enclosed by a 5 cm wide bright-green rim. The trampoline mat has 60 pieces of mesh, through which the 14-metre long rubber rope runs.


Rubber Ropes

Its diameter is 10 mm. The rope has a special polyethylene monofilament, which excels due to its low ductility and high bonding strength. Another undisputed bonus is its resistance to abrasion.



These are made from a hollow profile with a width of 2 mm. Adjustable up or down according to the varying height of each jumper.


Maximum Load

120 kilograms. Overloading leads to excessive stress on the pliable parts of the stringing. If overloaded, the lifespan and the pliable aspects of the trampoline may be detrimentally affected.


Number of Users Simultaneously On Trampoline

The trampoline may be used by a maximum of one person at a time. A trained Jumping instructor who is authorized to lead Jumping exercising lessons is always responsible for the safe operation of the trampoline.



Regular checking of the pliable parts and handlebars is necessary for optimum trampoline performance. Before each exercise session, we visually check all parts of the trampoline. After each session it is advisable to wipe the surface of the trampoline with a disinfectant and, with the help of a paper handkerchief, to remove any residual sweat from the exposed surface. Check the state of the rubber ropes (for signs of wear and over-stretching) and ensure that the eyelets in the trampoline stringing have not been torn out).


Putting the Equipment Out of Order

In the event that any defect in a trampoline is detected, the trampoline must be taken out of service, distinctively marked with tape, and kept out-of-bounds until the necessary repair work is accomplished.


Residual Risks & Prohibited Method Of Usage

Before exercising the handlebars must always be installed. The Jumping PROFI trampoline is not intended to be used by children under 14 years of age.



In compliance with current regulations, defunct appliances are dismounted and divided into their component parts (steel, rubber, polythene) for disposal.



The supplier provides a 24-month warranty. The warranty does not apply to usual wear and tear (to the rubber ropes and stringing).


Supply Contents

Hexagonal trampoline construction, including legs and handlebars, plus installation and usage instructions.


Service and Repairs

Always guaranteed by the producer.

Producer Details

JSTB International, s.r.o.
Petrska 1168/29
Nove Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

IC: 281 35 466, DIC: CZ281 35 466

The company is registered at the Regional court
in Ceske Budejovice, section C, file 19440.

Jumping Office
Jana Svobodová, Tomáš Buriánek
Masarykova 42
373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 387 201 274
Ask online via Skype:

Special occasions contact:

For inquiries in Malaysia, kindly call us at 60-126991512 or Whatsapp

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