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Welcome to Jumping Fitness Malaysia @Bukit Jalil, the first studio in Malaysia (since 2016) under the original Jumping® Fitness brand from Europe.

Here are two of our classes available.


Our original most famous program. Redefining the way of exercising on trampolines. Very intense cardio workout with a strengthening at the end of the class. You are able to burn up to a 1,000 calories in a single class!


This is a very energetic exercise during which you drum on an elevated trampoline with light sticks and you exercise to music at the same. This is a very interesting form of exercise - you’ll have a lot of fun while working out the whole body.

Are you a first timer? Then get the first timer promo package of RM100/pax for 3 trial sessions valid 1 month from first class and be on your way to start your Jumping Fitness Journey with us!

Class Packages TnC

1. All class packages have a price and validity of the following:

1 pax package


- 1 time trial/single drop-in RM70

- 3 time trial RM100 for 3 trial sessions valid up to 1 month (first timer only*)

- 4 sessions RM170 valid up to 1 month

- 10 sessions RM350 valid up to 2 months

- 20 sessions RM600 valid up to 3 months

- 1 month unlimited RM460

- 3 months unlimited RM1180

2 pax package(Sharing for 2 person)

8 total sessions for RM320 valid up to 1 month

20 total sessions for RM650 valid up to 2 months

40 total sessions for RM1100 valid up to 4 months

2. 1 pax package is for 1 person only

3. 2 pax package is for 2 person sharing the same package.

4. First Timer is a person who has not purchased any package before.

5. Validity starts from first date of class attended.

6. After purchasing package, proceed to book your class slot via Whatsapp

7. All packages shown here are applicable to in-studio classes at Bukit Jalil only.

8. All class packages are non-refundable.

9. All class packages are non-transferable to any third-party without approval of studio management. Package transfer fees apply.

10. Any class cancellation should be done via Whatsapp at least 12 hours before class. Late cancellation is considered class attended.

Indoor Class Schedule(Bukit Jalil)

Monday 9am (Jumping + Drum)

Tuesday 7.30pm (Jumping + Drum)

Wednesday 9am | 8pm (Beginner-friendly)

Thursday 7.30pm (Mixed Level)

Friday 9am (Mixed Level)

Saturday 8am (Intermediate) | 9.20am (Beginner)

Sunday 8am (Intermediate/Advanced) | 9.20am & 10.30am (Jumping + Drum)

Class times subject to change according to demand. Class may be cancelled if less than 5 headcounts per session. Management will inform of such cancellation at least 3 hours before class time.

Class Slot Booking

For Bukit Jalil studio class slot booking/inquiries, kindly Whatsapp

For other branch studios (schedule/class package), kindly check out other branches' contact at

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